All of my massages create a wonderful sense of relaxation, relieve every day muscle tension, boosts circulation, reduces stress and restores balance to your mind, body and soul.

Lady receiving a deep tissue back massage


Swedish Back Massage = £25.00

- 30 mins -

Swedish Full Body Massage = £45.00

- 60 mins -

Swedish Full Body incl. Face & Scalp Massage = £70.00

- 90 mins -

Deep Tissue Back Massage = £35.00

- 30 mins -

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage = £55.00

- 60 mins -

Deep Tissue Full Body incl. Face & Scalp Massage = £80.00

- 90 mins -

Hot Stone Back Massage = £35.00

- 30 mins -

Hot Stone Full Body Massage = £55.00

- 60 mins -

Hot Stone Full Body incl. Face & Scalp Massage = £80.00

- 90mins -

Anti-Cellulite Hip & Thigh Massage = £35.00

- 30 mins -

Anti-Cellulite Full Body Massage = £55.00

- 60 mins -

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage = £60.00

- 75 mins -

Indian Head Massage = £40.00

- 45 mins -

Back, Face & Scalp Massage = £45.00

- 60 mins -

Pre-blended Aromatherapy Back Massage = £30.00

- 30 mins -

Pre-blended Aromatherapy Full Body Massage = £50.00

- 60 mins -

Lava Shell Back Massage = £40.00

- 35 mins -

Face & Scalp Massage = £25.00

- 30 mins -

Hand & Feet Massage = £25.00

- 30 mins -

Lady having a Swedish Back massage


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle and relaxing massage that is ideal for people new to massage, with areas of tension, and sensitive to touch. During this massage a combination of techniques such as kneading, circular motions, long flowing strokes, vibrating and tapping movements and passive joint movements. Techniques used can aid relaxation and help release muscle knots.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage applies more pressure than a Swedish massage, it is ideal for people with tight muscles, chronic muscle problems, soreness or injuries. During this massage a range of movements made with your therapist’s hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows will be uses to apply pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles. This is a great massage to go for it you have areas of pain, tension and knots. Although deep tissue massages may use a firmer pressure and be more intense on the muscles, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses a mixture of heated stones and hand movements, to create a warm and relaxing experience. It is best for people with muscle tension and pain wanting to unwind and relax. During the massage heated stones will be moved around your whole body, to ease muscle tension, alleviate pain, relieve stress, improve blood flow and promote relaxation. The techniques and movement used are similar to a Swedish massage.

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage is used to reduce cellulite uses rolling and suctioning techniques to restore circulation and the flow of nutrients to the problemed areas. The aim of the massage is to stimulate blood and lymph flow, help remove dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth. The main areas of cellulite on the body is normally the thighs, hips and buttocks but area such as the abdomen and arm can also be affected.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a safe way for ladies to get a relaxing massage during their pregnancy. It can reduce stress, ease muscle tension and help reduce body aches. This style of massage is similar to Swedish massage and uses a light to medium pressure. You can have a massage during anytime of your pregnancy, however the stomach and lower back is not included during the first trimester. During the massage you will lie on your side or on your back, the massage bed will be prepared to make it a comfortable as possible.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage originates from India, it is a traditional practise that is very popular in Western cultures. The areas massaged are the Back, Shoulders, Neck, Face and Scalp. During this treatment you will be seated in a chair, as technique like Champissage and acupressure points are performed. The benefits of Indian head massage are it promotes hair growth, prevents headaches and migraines, renews and balances energy levels, improves circulation and helps with depression and anxiety.

Back, Face & Scalp Massage

A Back, Face & Scalp massage will allow you to relax and leave you in a tranquil state. This treatment begins on your back moving to your Neck, Face and Scalp. The techniques and movements used are very similar to Swedish massage. The benefits are increase blood flow to the face which can make you skin plumper, increase blood flow to the scalp enhancing the strength of the roots, reduce muscle tension in the back, shoulders, neck and scalp.

Pre-blended Aromatherapy Massage

Pre-Blended Aromatherapy massage combines a soft and gentle pressure with the use of pre-blended essential oils. This massage is best for people who are looking for an emotional healing, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost your mood, relieve muscle tension and pain. The oil is slowly absorbed in to the skin during your massage.

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell massage is a relaxing heat treatment that uses Tiger-Stripes Calm Shell as a massaging tool, to heat the shells up a mixture of lava gel and an activator liquid is placed inside. Peoples with tense muscles, knots or enjoy heat will be ideal for this massage. Different parts of the shell can be used to target different areas of your body. Lava Shell massage can reduce swelling and water retention, soothe aches and pains, and boost circulation of lymph and blood.

A men having a hot stone massage